Educational Institution

Get a powerful unique software to manage your school, training centre and any educational institution. We provide complete functions from student registration, fee management to the generation of all possible reports


Manage all your businesses with Codedsoft. This ranges from supermarkets, pharmacies, shops, warehouses, personel management, employee management and payment system. Also ideal for churches


Our solution is unique in the transportation domain. Management of travelling agencies, transportation of goods and fuel as well as construction services. Rental services get from us a professional solution 

Codedsoft is Technology 

Codedsoft Tafuta provides an ideal tracking, moninoring, fault detection software and hardware with our IoT devices

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The way technology is evolving today is rapid; technolgies are converging. Software vendors and IT service industries face the challenge of providing cost-efficient and performace secured stable solutions that meet customer specific requirements. Traditionally, this is addresssed by providing single solutions, which is leading to a tremendous exponential increase in sofware products we have in the market today. Other typical problems faced today include:

  • remodelling the application for stability
  • modifying the application to meet current performance demand
  • remodelling the application because the underlying data storage system doesn't longer meet the application requirements

All these need to be resolved and resolved in a way that prepares your application for the next generation software and demand (NGSD).